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David Fuhrer is the Founder and President of FUNANUF. David is recognized as one of the leading innovators of the global toy industry. A combination inventor, consultant and agent, products developed under his guidance have exceeded US$1 billion of retail sales and have garnered some of the industry’s leading awards.

David’s unusual career path started in television in the Boston area. He moved to Los Angeles to join one of Hollywood’s elite talent agencies where he worked on the careers of some of Hollywood’s leading stars. Having the entrepreneurial bug since childhood, he created a boardgame called Backwords in his spare time. Backwords, based on David’s unusual skill to speak backwards fluently was licensed by Random House as their lead promotional game in 1989. Fuhrer left his Hollywood job to go on a promotional media tour and has never looked back.

David is the author of Backwords – The Secret Language of Talking Backwards and more Incredible Games, Stunts and Mind-Bending Word Fun. He is also the Executive Producer on the upcoming theatrical film known as “Trouble In Toyland” (Sony/Columbia).

In addition to his work in the field of invention, David has been internationally recognized for his Guinness World Record as the “World’s Fastest Backwards Talker”. He has appeared in dozens of newspapers, magazines, and TV/radio programs including The Tonight Show, Late Night With David Letterman, Live With Regis, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine. He is also a co-star in the 1989 feature film Monster High (Columbia/TriStar).

Previously, David was the co-founder of ToyVision Inc. and served as the company President and Chief Operating Officer.

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David Fuhrer
David Fuhrer
Founder and President of Funanuf!
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